Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving Out

Yes, yes, I know, it's been a while since we moved out. I've been between computers and unable to access all my photos so there's been somewhat of a delay there.

Packing up the house was such a big job. It's amazing how much STUFF we have, and how so much of it really isn't all that necessary. We accumulated what seemed like an alarmingly large pile of things to be shipped to Norway, and the kids found it tough to decide what should be stored and what should be shipped. I suspect when we unpack their stored boxes we're going to find a whole lot of things that they've outgrown but couldn't part with right now.

Just like cats, it seems kids can't resist boxes -
they were supposed to be packing their things in these boxes, not themselves!

B & I thought the trip was going to be quite peaceful,
but then the girls decided they'd prefer the plane ride to three months on a ship.

Packing and cleaning the house was a big job, and we had lots of late nights - and lots of standing around looking at everything and not knowing where to start. There probably would have been fewer late nights if we'd worked out that starting point sooner...

Packing is a tiring job for a small girl

But it all got packed, it all got cleaned and the house was emptied. It looked so huge without our stuff in it! Quite a lesson to us actually, that there's really only so much STUFF you need to function, the rest is just clutter.

And the cupboards were bare

Next stop, Tasmania, then on to Oslo.


  1. eeek! It must be so weird looking around your great big empty house! :)

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in the land of ice and snow! Can't wait to visit you there! :-)

  3. Fantastic! Love the idea of shipping the kids over. hehehehe. Is it really to be 3 months or 8 weeks?

  4. Yeah, we thought it was a good idea too! I'm not sure exactly how long it is on the ship itself, but we won't be collecting our shipped things until we move into our own apartment, which is likely to be in May.

  5. Those pictures of the girls packing themselves in the boxes are SO cute! :D Reading this reminds me of when I was 6 (Bec was 4) and we had to pack up all our things, including choosing what was going to be shipped in teachests and what we would leave behind, to move to England for 2 years...